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Simple patch to make Elysium Estate purchasable.

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-= Requires Elysium Estate SSE by thejadeshadow =-

I created this patch for the highly-praised Elysium Estate house mod, for those like myself who prefer to use their hard-earned Septims to purchase their homes.

This removes the key given during the introductory quest for Elysium Estate and moves it to be sold at the Honningbrew Meadery (by either Sabjorn or Mallus, depending on their status).  Some of the NPC dialogue and quest text was edited to refer to the home being for sale and a Notice of Forfeiture is added to the front door.  The price is set at 2700g, but varies depending on your Speech skills (due to the fact that the key is sold as a misc item) so should be around 8000g with very low Speech and 4000g with very high Speech.

Same conflicts that the original mods may have.  May also conflict with any mod that edits the Sabjorn or Mallus NPCs (IDs: 0002BA8C, 0002BA8E).

This is a light plugin (ESP-FE), load after Elysium Estate.  Also install the Scripts folder which include DarkFox's script files.  Drop them in your Data folder or use your mod manager, just like any other mod.

Thanks to thejadeshadow for the great Elysium Estate SSE house mod.

This mod uses the PM_Script_BuyKey script from DarkFox127's Project Modularity resource.  Want to make your favorite house mod buyable?  Follow his guide here!: