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This mod adds 3 new bows of Kynareth in Moss Mother Cavern. One black, one red, and one cream colored.

Permissions and credits
Kynareth Archery v 1.0 SSE

Reason for this mod:

This was a model I created for oblivion quite a while ago.
I wanted to bring it to Skyrim Special Edition so I did.

What this mod does:

This mod adds 3 new bows to Moss Mother Cavern on the ground by the chest at the back of the cavern.
I figured this was a suitable place to put bows of Kynareth.
All use the same model but are of different textures to suit different tastes.
Kynareth's Tempest is black wood with black rosebuds
Kynareth's Hawthorne is Red colored wood with red rosebuds
Kynareth's Honor is Maple colored wood with white rosebuds.

How strong is it?

The base value in the CK for Daedric is 19. This bow is 18
The base value for speed of Daedric is .5 This bow is .7

So not as powerful as Daedric but still tough enough to carry throughout the entire game and slightly faster.


Unpack the 7zip and drop the Data folder in your Skyrim folder.
Place a checkmark next to Kynareths Archery.esp in plug ins at start up and play

or.... Use a mod manager and make life simple.

Version history:

1.0 initial release


None without contacting me and gaining approval first.

Send a PM on the Nexus, and ask if you want to use resources or translate

Final thoughts:

Just having fun over here :)