Skyrim Special Edition
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About this mod

A more contrasted and colored alternative to Pastel Map Markers

Permissions and credits
What is this mod ?
This mod changes the icons on the map for new colored icons.
When playing with Pastel Map Markers, I was underwhelmed by the color choice, mostly when using a more fantasy looking mod pack. I couldn't find anything on nexus so I did my own artwork by taking the original Pastel Map Markers icons, and redoing all of them again. Some are also more different in the color choice, mostly for the different big cities to match their banner (for example Whiterun or Dawnstar). Others are also differents by the simple fact that the original is not very good looking in my opinion (the pink deadric shrines).

Obviously not compatible with Pastel Map Markers. I literally took this mod's files and edited them to put my work inside. It should then follow the same compatibilities as the original mod.
Compatible with :
Customizable UI, included in main file
SkyHUD, included in main file
360 Compass, with a patch file

- Some people have CTD when using this mod with Remove Map Camera Limits, unless when removing the SkyHUD patch for some reasons.
- Also if you ever have crashes when using the SkyHUD patch, just reinstall the mod without this patch, apparently it isn't working that great for some people. You will have no colored icons on the compass, but still on the big map.

Special thanks
- iTitoMix for providing the Pastel Map Markers mod in the first place, otherwise i couldn't make this one.
Ember2528 for the base files required for the SkyUI support.
CyborgArmGun for the Customizable UI patch.
- Bethesda obviously for the game.

You can share this mod anywhere, as long as you credit me and iTitoMix, and you have to put a link to this page. The mod will only be available on Nexus, and for free. You can also use this mod in your own work as long as you follow what I said just before, even for commercial uses.

Side note :
For the one who want to download the icons they are also available as .psd (Photoshop) files.