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Changes most player dialogue referencing payments of "gold," to instead say "Septims."

Permissions and credits

PAFS changes various lines of player dialogue to mention Septims instead of gold. For example, home purchases and room rentals.
ESP flagged ESL so won't count against the plugin limit.

Made for mods that rename "gold," but has no requirements. Right now it mostly covers generic player dialogue in the base game. It does however cover some non-generic lines, as well. This mod is especially good for covering the DLCs. You can expect it to have tiny updates here and there if I run across lines I missed. I've included a handful of patches as well, so be sure check the Optional Files section.

  • DLC coverage Done (see fourth bullet)
  • Mercenary hireling coverage Done (see fourth bullet)
  • Non-generic dialogue Mostly done (see fourth bullet)
  • Anything I looked over
  • Maybe more patches, but we'll see

Install & Uninstall

Should be safe to install or uninstall any time.

It's a simple ESPFE plugin. Install with the mod manager of your choice, or drop the plugin into your data folder.

Uninstalling is as easy as deleting the mod from your mod manager, or deleting plugin from your data folder.


This mod is standalone, but was intended to be used with my other mod, Super Simple Gold to Septims (with Optional Septim Weight Choices).
You can also use PAFS with Gold to Septim interface fix, of course, which does the interface edit without a plugin to rename the Gold item to Septim.

While looking at Septim related mods, it couldn't hurt to grab a texture replacer for them. I like the look of JS Purses and Septims SE personally