Skyrim Special Edition
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Renames "Gold" to "Septims" where necessary. Optional weighted versions.

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What it does:
  • The plugin itself renames the gold you find in containers to "Septim"
  • The file in the BSA changes relevant bits of the interface to say "Septims"
  • Flagged as ESL, so won't count against the plugin limit
  • Optional weighted plugins, intended to make home owning and bank mods relevant
  • Heavily compliments it's sister mod, People Ask for Septims - PAFS (Dialogue Saying Gold Says Septims)

What it does not do:
  • Anything other than what I stated above.
  • Add easter eggs or any unwarranted edits
  • Turn the Dragonborn into the Baby Born
  • Rename Colette Marence to "Professor Bitchface"

Also I made this before I discovered the SE version of "Gold to Septim interface fix." So uh... oops?

Install & Uninstall

Simple plugin with a BSA. Install with your chosen mod manager, or extract to the data folder. Lower in your load order the better.

Safe to install or uninstall anytime. Simply remove from your mod manager, or delete the BSA and plugin from the data folder.


I made a sister mod for this, called People Ask for Septims - PAFS (Dialogue Saying Gold Says Septims).
This will make most of the generic, non-spoken player dialogue (i.e. room rentals and home purchases) mention "Septims" instead of "gold."

While looking at Septim related mods, it couldn't hurt to grab a texture replacer for them. I like the look of JS Purses and Septims SE personally