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An SSE port of the Infinity Blade mod uploaded a while back that was an update to another Infinity Blade mod (idk why they didn't just update the original IB mod rather than make a separate one)

Permissions and credits
Oldrim version

the Deathless race
Base Health: 350 
Base Magicka: 250 
Base Stamina: 250 

The Infinity Blade is in a spell, only able to be used by the Deathless
race (this makes it to where it is not so overpowered) Now just like in
the game, you can summon the blade like the God King does. 
The spell's duration is pretty much infinite, so just sheathe it to dispel it. 
its base damage is 200 just like the game, so it isn't so overpowered. 
Custom enchantment which includes a mini version of Dragonrend. 
(I also implemented a non spell Infinity Blade in case anyone didn't want to be the Deathless race, just get it via console.) 

Now craftable, but not temperable. 
Require 10 moonstone, 5 quicksilver, 5 malachite, 3 leather strips, and 2 daedra heart. 
Requires Daedric Smithing, and it is under Miscellanous 
I Know it is expensive but its 400 armor rating is the best in the game.