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Makes puddles dynamically disappear and reappear depending on the weather

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This mod allows puddles to appear and reappear dynamically depending on the weather as they would do in real life.
(However, this is a framework mod)

  1. On wet conditions, the puddle will increase in size at regular intervals (by a constant amount)
  2. On dry conditions, the puddles will decrease in size at regular intervals at a speed depending on their size (Simulating evaporation)
  3. (To come) The drying up of puddles will depend on ambient light intensity
  4. if just coming into a scene it will automatically just to weather 0-1 so no un-immersive puddle filling when entering the scene

Note: The ESP possesses an error however this will not affect it's functionality or stability of your game and will be patched soon.

Will be compatible;e with all-weather mods and JK's Skyrim - not compatible with non-supported puddle mods (i.e will not effect them) only once listed in dependency will work correctly with this mod.

Mod doest effect anything alone but will work with mods that are made for it

though if you want some of these mods press the dependency button (Mods requiring this file) for a selection of supported mods
(At the moment no such mods exist - posting soon)

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