Skyrim Special Edition
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A simple mod/patch that adds additional shrines and storage options to Leaf Rest.

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A simple mod/patch that adds additional shrines and storage options to Leaf Rest.

I made this mod/patch to better suit my needs when using the house mod, Leaf Rest SSE.
My original inspiration was the Additional Shrines mod for Elianora's Breezehome and thus I decided to add two shrines - Auriel and Nocturnal.
This was all that I was planning to add and I was quite happy. Why would I need more?

Well the brain ticks over and ideas circulate and swirl around....

  • As a massive fan of DeserterX Armours I wanted somewhere suitable to store the crafting manuals - so I added some storage.
  • I also use Immersive Jewelry and that mod adds a boatload of stuff, so I wanted somewhere specific to store my Jewelcraft materials - so I added some storage.
  • Potions - Blacksmiths have specific potions, so why the heck not add some specific storage - so I did
  • The shield display in the blacksmith area, I personally thought it was somewhat lacking so I added more shield displays

I was happy and thus version 1.0 was released to much fanfare and global rejoicing, but I noticed that the smaller of the two chests facing the wrong way around. It wasn't a killer deal and I decided against pushing out a small hotfix. But it weighed on my mind.

I couldn't leave it alone so I have released version 1.1 of this mod/patch:

  • I've rotated that chest to face towards the player (happy happy joy joy)
  • More storage for Melee Weapons and Ranged Weapons? Sure, why the chuff not... it would be rude not too!
  • Those Daedric Shrines in the Temple in Raven Rock? Let's add them too eh?
  • OPTIONAL - Mystic Condenser version. The Condenser is very useful and very nice, so why not have one ready and placed in a suitable spot?

I'm already planning another update (because I've been asked and it would be fun to do) displays for the Dragon Claws and Dragon Priest Masks.


Leaf Rest SSE - This is the ONLY requirement. Do not confuse this version with T'Skyrim - Riverwood (Addon for JK's Skyrim)
(OPTIONAL) Mystic Condenser SE - Only required if you download the Mystic Condenser version of the mod.

You do not require any armour mods, jewellery mods, shield mods or any other mod to use this.
Download, install and enjoy the new fangled sparkly shrines and storage options available to you.

I have not messed with any references or form ids from the original mod or tampered with any scripts.
Nothing will auto-sort into the new containers, you'll need to place the items there yourself.

I should also recommend that if you are planning to upgrade from version 1.0 to 1.1 then you should remove items from the various storage options that I added before you upgrade as it is always possible that items could be lost or disappear into the ether.
(Personally, I didn't remove anything and all my stuff was still there)

Should anyone have the desire to do so, then please feel free to make a language translation, you do not need to ask me.