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Delay project AHO quest start with a MCM menu

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Project AHO's "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" quest starts when you travel to Mixwater Mill and get accosted by an Orc slaver named Shaglak. No matter what you do, once the forced conversation with Shaglak has started, you'll be knocked unconscious and be sold off into slavery in Sadrith Kegan without a way back until you've completed the majority of the quest line.

This mod provides an MCM that allows you to prevent this event from occurring. You'll be able to travel around Mixwater Mill without being forced into a long questline until you are ready.

  • ESL flagged, so it won't take up your 256 ESP limit
  • Toggle off to prevent the quest from starting
  • Toggle on to allow the quest to start
  • Once the quest has started, the MCM will disable itself