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This mod edits Thalmor leveled lists to that they will always use elven weapons at minimum.

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The Justiciars are the enforcers of Aldmeri ambition, and the ruthless hand of Thalmor domination around the neck of Man(don't make it weird). They hunt the people of Skyrim, ever watchful for the slightest sign of Talos worship, eager to snuff out the veneration of man's greatest champion.

And for some reason they spend a good chunk of their time doing this with weapons of nordic iron and steel. The professional soldiers of an elven empire are charging about with whatever random weapons they can take off the locals. Why? Do the Thalmor not like Elenwen anymore than we do? Is that why she was assigned to pretty much the other side of the continent from Summerset? Do they "forget" to send her equipment out of spite?

Whatever the reason, the Thalmor soldiers have had enough. With this mod installed they will be outfitted with elven weapons at minimum, befitting those tasked with carrying out the Dominion's will. Maybe they unionized, who knows.

Mod is also an esl flagged esp.

Fashionably Brief Bulletpoint Summary:
  • elves forgot their elf weapons
  • mod reminds them to have them
  • happy elf
  • esl-flagged esp so it doesn't cramp up your plugin slots.
  • Elenwen is probably the sort to go and make that "ruthless hand around the throat of man" bit weird.

Things that touch the Thalmor weapon leveled lists are going to conflict with it.

The problems that arise out of that will be pretty minor. If this mod wins the conflict, it will work as advertised and whatever the other mod that touches the leveled lists does probably won't. If this mod loses the conflict, then you may end up seeing iron and steel stuff crop up.

This mod is rendered redundant for users of Faction Specific Loot - Eagles of Alinor.

Report any bugs or other assorted garbage fires you encounter.

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