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This is the Island of Esroniet,

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This is the isle of Esroniet, cool place to explore, some shops, 8 dungeons, new quest ( i tried to get help for quest, but no one wanted to help) 

Find the book in the in the INN in Ivarstead

The lore: After the imperials flee the island due to the Akavir invasion, the people inside Black Harbor board up their wall and prepare for a siege they are aware they cannot win.  The king of Black Harbor sees his people terrified and knows what is to come. King Harmon goes to his court wizard, and tells him to summon a daedra from the plains. The court mage is stunned by this request but follows the king's orders, tells King Harmon to open his hand and the mage cuts the king's hand and pours it into a cup and begins the ritual. Moments later a woman's voice appeared and the smell of death filled the room.   “ Ahhh i smell mortals, mmmm the desperation reeks on you worm! Let me see, you are in need of my services and i have come to answer, but are you prepared to pay the price i ask?” King Harmon’s face grew pale, he knows she can feel his fear, but how does she seem to know why he has summoned her! “ Ha ha don't worry mortal, I know without my help you will perish surely, I can see the enemy at your gates, the smell of death makes me feel at home! “The king yells what is it you want from me, you know I need you to fend off the invaders, I will do whatever it takes to make them leave! Take my soul and do what you want! “ The woman's voice burst into laughter, i don't want you silly, i want all of your souls, forever, i will grant your island to you, the invaders will leave and your people will prosper, but when you die your souls are mine! Once you and all your kin breath your last breath you will hear my voice, you will be blessed by Namira!” The king shutters at the thought of his family being cursed to Oblivion forever, but he can hear the screams of his people, and knows if he does not make a choice quickly there will be no more kin and his family and city will burn. “ I will agree to your terms, but there has to be a way to lift your curse, if one person can defeat your champion, we will be freed!” Namira Laughs at this thought “It sounds like we have a deal king, now time to make the deal, an offer of life, Namira points to the mage, the mage begins to pace backward, the king withdraws his sword and cuts his trusted mage down. The king could see the mages soul leave his body Namiras mouth opened and she swallowed him whole! “ Now my king, enjoy the show, i will be seeing you!
The king could hear screams but not of his people but of men, he walked to his balcony, and he could see the dead rising attacking the Akavir soldiers, the soldiers would hack and slash at the dead but they kept coming, dead rose from the graves, and surrounded the Akavir army within a few hours all the soldiers were dead and the dead began to march out of the city into the outskirts of the island. “ This is now my island, dont venture too far or your people will join me sooner than you expected King” Namira kisses the king on the cheek and vanishes….

In the years later Black Harbor became the major trading hub for Tamriel and Akavir, the Akavir army believes the island is cursed and refuses to go back to the island. The Empire re-gained a footing back in the island but with trouble elsewhere there is a smaller force on the island. The current King Loath enjoys the prosperity of his island but the people think he is mad, the king hears voices, and suffers from strange episodes. 

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