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Replaces the level up music with a silent 0 second sound file, thus eliminating the music the dumb "WHO HA!" sound every time you level up. Great when leveling up in quick successions, so you don't have to hear the level up music repeating 100 times if you decide to quickly jump up 100 levels.

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Since I couldn't seem to find any mods that explicitly stated that it would remove the level up music I decide to do it myself and share it for the heck of it.

This mod replaces the Level Up "WHO HA" music with a silent 0 second sound file. The reason I made this mod is because unlike oldrim, this decides to play every time you decide to level up and it can get quite annoying when leveling up in quick successions. For example before if you were to jump say, 100 levels, the music would repeat 100 times becoming almost unbearable. Now it will stay silent.

However you may have a small gap of silence before the normal background music starts playing again, since even with a 0 second sound file, it's still not completely instant which means the game will still repeat this file how ever many time you decide to jump levels.