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This mod brings back the fear of the water with repopulating slaughter fish inside and outside cells using 0 scrips. Also makes slaughterfish no longer a joke, more info below.

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Disclaimer: If you dislike Slaughterfish you're in the wrong place.        This should be compatible with any ocean/water mod

Anyways have you ever wandered why there's so little
Slaughterfish? its because there's only 103 vanilla spawns. in. the. entire. 
game. Now There's 323 Currently. Only 1 place has a VERY large amount and that's Broken Oar Grotto. 

For me the oceans and waterways were too boring, and with a lack of fish mods on Skyrim SE I decided to share my solution.

Changes to 
Slaughterfish (Mind you that armor negates their bite damage)

Over 220+ spawns in interiors and exteriors added

Bite damage now 20 instead of 5

Gives them more random and realistic item drops that is balanced like bloody rags from victims or on very VERY rare occasion someones bones and jewelry! 

(Alternate version available in files with damage only double vanilla at 10 instead of 5)

Locations Additional Spawns Were Added

Exterior Locations

Under Solitude Arc

Waters Near Markarth

Dawn Star Port

Lake Ilinalta

Lake Geir 

Lake Yorgrim

The Dainty Sload (Vessel)

Clearpine Pond

Mara's Eye Pond

Stony Creek Pond

Interior Locations

Ilinalta's Deep

Broken Oar Grotto  (infested slaughterfish nest, the only place infested)

East Empire Company Warehouse

Stony Creek Cave


Other areas include deep parts of rivers and I may bring an update for lots more 
ocean spawns and possibly a giant variant of Slaughterfish.

I also recommend this mod with mine, I have shortly tested capability and it seems fine