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Adds over 1.5 hours of exploration & town music using Jeremy Soule's composing techniques. New tracks are added regularly.

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Chapter II


I'm a big fan of fantasy game and movie soundtracks and wanted to try to make this style of music myself. I studied various soundtracks by Jeremy Soule and started to notice subtle patterns and trends. Using these composing-techniques, I started to make and later publish my own Ambient Fantasy music on my YouTube channel. 

I'm now at the point where I have more than 1.5 hours of Ambient Fantasy music made, and decided to put them all together in this music mod.


Drop the files in the Data folder of your Skyrim directory.
There are two versions of this mod, a full replacer and one that simply adds the new music (recommended version).

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The Northerner Diaries - Immersive Edition (music by Jeremy Soule)


 Chapter II will work with any other mod. For other music mods, you might conflict. Let me know if you encounter any conflicting mods.

You can merge this mod with other music mods with this software: Mod Merging Tool

About me

 My name is Scott Rozemeijer and I am a 22 year old composer from the Netherlands. If you love fantasy and medieval music feel free to check out my