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A handsome Asian guy named Quan Bao Valerius, awaits to join Dovakin in his adventures and missions to save the world from evil

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This is Quan Bao Valerius, adopted brother to Lucan and his sister.  Ronaldo Valerius, their father was an wandering merchant in his profession and traveled often to Asia to trade silk and exotic herbs. But sadly one day when Ronaldo was on his merchant journeys, their mother got very sick and died, Lucan and his sister was not more than 9 and 6 years old at the time. So Lucan, being the oldest had to become an extra dad to his sister, doing jobs here and there to get food on the table. When Ronaldo came back home from his journey, and found out his wife had passed and his children where all alone and struggling, he became both heartbroken and devastated. He  blamed himself over it, for a long time, why did he not see his wife was ill, and why did he go on that journey and not stay home. He started spending time in the Inn filling his sorrows with mugs of mead.  2 years later he realized that he could not spend his time and money drowning himself and his sorrows in mead, he needed  to get money for his family so that they had food on the table and clothes to wear. So when Lucan was 12 and his sister 9, he took off on his merchant travels again. During this travel to south Asia to trade silk and exotic herbs, Ronaldo was asked by a widow that was on her death bed, who also worked as a merchant, if Ronaldo could adopt her 6 year old son, Quan Bao and give him a home. Ronaldo Valerious decided to adopt her son, he wanted to make some sort of good act in a way to heal his wounds after his wife's death, and for what he had done. Ronaldo also decided that this would bee the last time he did any travels as a merchant anymore. He had lost so many years being away from his kids and family, that he needed to bee with them, and decided to start a shop at his home instead. How ever, Lucan and his father Ronaldo never really got their son and father bond back, and when Lucan was 18 he left his home to travel to  Riverwood and decided to start a shop there. His sister who had grown strong bonds with her older brother during the hardship they had faced in their younger years, when their mother had died, decided to join her brother on his Journey. Ronaldo understood perfectly well that his travels had caused most of this bond issues his children had with him. Instead He and Quan Bao got a stronger father and son bond. When Quan Bao was 18 Ronaldo got seriously ill and he passed away. But on Ronaldo's death bed, he said to his son Quan Bao "Son, my only wish is for my family to bee a family again, I know that my travels has caused problems in this family, and this is also why your brother and sister left, but please, my son, do your father a final wish,seek your siblings out and become a family that we never had because of my job and travels as a merchant" Quan Bao promised his father to seek up his siblings and become a family again, and with that promise, Ronaldo took his last breath. After Quan Burried their father, Quahan took off to Riverwood to find his brother and sister...

  • Weight: 60
  • Eyes: Black Brown
  • Hair: Black
  • Race: Asian 
  • Clothes: Farmer
  • Weapons: Give him armor you want him to wear.
  • Spells: Healing 
  • Location: Riverwood,  Riverwood Traders
  • Essential: YES
  • Marriageable: Naturally


You need Fine Face Textures for Men if you want the face to look like  in the picture.

Credits and content

KS Hairdos SE
Beauty Stunning Eyes Remastered
Hvergelmir's Brows