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A gloomy and bloomy ReShade preset.

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A ReShade preset that tries to show Skyrim from a more grim perspective - a cold and unforgiving land, torn apart by war with the destroyer of worlds on its doorstep.

In the screenshots it's used with Obsidian Weathers - Fog and Snow Edition: with the bleak filter.

This preset uses Pascal Gilcher's excellent bloom shader to try and soften up the crushed blacks and simulate mist, sub-surface scattering, etc. The bloom is on the strong side so when used with a weather mod that has strong sunlight, it could lead to clipping. The preset is still basic and very work in progress - a few shaders are left at the default settings, but I feel like it looks good enough to release and I'll try to continue improving it in the future.

PPFX Bloom - if you experience whites clipping, disable this.
Vibrace - I personally like the effect it has but it can make interiors oversaturated. Disable it if things look too garish to you.

I'm still green and just started learning about LUTs. There may be a bigger update at some point, suggestions are always welcome.

It's relatively lightweight - on my PC with a GTX 1050ti I lose about 5-6 frames, however your mileage will vary.

Press the Home key to bring up the ReShade gui and customise it to your needs.

ReShade (duh)

Drop the .ini file in your Skyrim folder