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Will overhaul bounty hunting quest built in with Beyond Skyrim : Bruma so It can lead players into more diverse dungeons.

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Problem with bounty hunting quest in BS Bruma is that It leads player too much often into same spot. Namely, County's only Goblin dungeon, Silver Tooth Cave.

That's because there's two types of bounty hunting quests within default BS Bruma file. One is generic bandit bounty hunting, and the other is Goblin hunting quest(Which is named as CYRBQ02) and that's the reason why default system will lead you to Silver Tooth Cave constantly.

This mod will address that issue by tweaking CYRBQ02 quest and keywords of several locations so CYRBQ02 wouldn't lead player to Goblin cave anymore but instead to somewhere more interesting and fun. Such as vampire lairs or warlock hideouts.

Plus this mod will tweak various dungeons to be detected by radiant quest generator mod Missives by placing containers or npcs designated as boss. Although actual missives wouldn't be needed to turn on the game, I strongly recommend to give it a go as I allocated keywords and Boss objects and npcs with Missives in mind.

Despite I confirmed quest itself would play out as It should be once newly added locations have been detected, I still couldn't figure out why bounty hunting system wouldn't recognize some of dungeons at all. Namely, places such as Sedor or Gutted Mine. Thus I label this mod as 'beta' until I find out why CYRBQ02 refuses to detect those.

Otherwise, this mod doesn't need any script or assets. Only single ESP file is needed.