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Improves and rebalances standing stones in a lore friendly way that respects the vanilla game and expands on it slightly, taking some inspiration from prior games.

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Upon request, I have released this for SSE.  This is the same as my Oldrim version. 

There are several other standing stone overhauls, but I was not completely satisfied with any of them, so I decided to go ahead and do my own.  This mod aims to rebalance standing stones, while respecting the vanilla game but adding to it in a lore friendly way, taking some inspiration from prior games.

Superior Standing Stones makes the following changes: 

Thief -- All stealth skills increase 20% faster and stamina is increased by 50. 
Mage  -- All magic skills improve 20% faster and magicka is increased by 50.
Warrior -- All combat skills increase 20% faster and health is increased by 50. 
Apprentice -- Magicka is increased by 100 and regenerates 100% faster; Magic Resistance reduced by 50%.
Atronach -- Increases magicka by 150 points, absorb 50% of the magicka from hostile spells, and magicka does not regenerate.
Lady -- Health and stamina regenerate 50% faster.
Lover -- All skills improve 15% faster and increases speech by 20. 
Tower -- Unlock any Expert level lock once per day and increases smithing by 20. 
Shadow -- Become invisible and inaudible for 120 seconds once per day.
Serpent -- Paralyze the target for 10 seconds, and does 25 points damage per second.Lord -- Increases Armor Rating by 100 points and increases Magic Resistance by 20%.
Steed -- No change.
Ritual -- No change.

Also, the USSEP changes to the Thief and Warrior stones are intentionally reverted to vanilla -- that is Archery is reverted to a stealth skill for purposes of the 20% skill increases by these two stones.  This seemed to make sense with the other changes made by this mod.  xEdit will show these as identical to master records (ITM) but these are intentional edits.  If you prefer Archery as a warrior skill for the purpose of these stones, just clean with xEdit and remove these three ITMs and use USSEP. 

Can be installed mid game, but if your character has already taken a birthsign, be sure to take either Steed or Ritual birthsign before installing.  If your character has the Aetherial crown, either the Steed or Ritual sign should be stored in the crown before installing or uninstalling.  This mod contains no scripts.  It should be safe to uninstall at any time but be sure to take the Steed or Ritual stone before uninstalling.Not compatible with other mods that overhaul standing stones.  Should be compatible with pretty much everything else.  Load order should not matter, as long as it is not being used with other mods that alter effects of standing stones.