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I've made a package which I intended on publishing as an asset in the unity asset store but got declined, so I made it as a mod for Skyrim.

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This mod adds two custom one-handed swords (arming sword and rapier), two two-handed swords (Claymore and Longsword), one Waraxe and one Battleaxe, one Halberd, one mace and a curved dagger. I could not figure out how to make a patch to use the halberd and rapier animations from Animated armoury if anyone knows how to do it let me know or if you want to trouble yourself with that you can do it and upload it.

The weapons can only be crafted with dwarven smithing perk. They have slightly better damage than the Skyforge steel ones.

The weapons stat's are:

Arming Sword:
Base damage: 13
Reach: 1
Speed: 1

Base damage: 23
Reach: 1.3
Speed: 0.75

Base damage: 22
Reach: 1.3
Speed: 0.8

Dagger: (Has increased critical damage too)
Base damage: 10
Reach: 0.7
Speed: 1.3

Base damage: 25
Reach: 1.7
Speed: 0.65

Base damage: 20
Reach: 1.15
Speed: 0.9

Base damage: 15
Reach: 1.0
Speed: 0.8

Base damage: 12
Reach: 1.1
Speed: 1.1

War Axe:
Base damage: 14
Reach: 1
Speed: 0.9


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Big thanks to Blender, what a great program!
Substance Painter. Beautiful textures 
To Nexus and all of you guys, nothing will be possible without you!