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A patch for Adamant and WACCF

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I use Adamant as a perk overhaul and I am quite happy with its perk progression. I also use WACCF and while I am not especially interested in its gameplay changes, I quite like the tweaks it makes to outfits, and even more the changes from Armor and Clothing Extension that use it as a master.
This patch is supposed to make the two mods work together.

Instructions: download it with your mod manager and make sure it loads after both Adamant and WACCF.

Beware - it favors Adamant choices, so almost all gameplay changes from WACCF will be overwritten.

When WACCF featured Constructable Objects that weren't direclty touched by Adamant (either because it purely relied on the vanilla recipe, or because they were made craftable by WACCF), I still made sure they had a perk requirement that fit Adamant's progression - so for instance the Gilded Elven Armor, as well as Chitin items, will be craftable with other Elven Armors (Rare Styles perk), instead of being lumped together with Orchis armors as it happened wihtout the patch.

A few more things worth noting:
- some items were made temperable by WACCF if you had the Arcane Blacksmith perk. Since Adamant makes it automatic, you'll be able to temper them from the start.
- you may notice you can now theoretically craft the Shellbug Helmet when you're fresh out of Helgen (or wherever you started), even though of course you won't have the required materials for a long time. This is another effect of making the Arcane Blacksmith perk automatic and it happens with Adamant alone as well. I resisted the temptation to add some condition since this is a compatibility patch an not my own idiosyncratic tweaks.