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Patch for "Immersive Horses" and "Real Horses" OR "Swift Steeds New Light Breed Horses Replacer"

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Requires Immersive Horses, and Real Horses OR Swift Steeds New Light Breed Horses Replacer.
I personally recommend Real Horses. The mod developer is much more active.
If you do download Real Horses, do not choose anything in the installer.

This patch makes Immersive Horses and Real Horses OR
Swift Steeds New Light Breed Horses Replacer work together properly, utilizing the features of Immersive Horses and the textures and meshes of Real Horses/Swift Steeds.

If you need help, or want to discuss the mods I make for this game and others, join my discord!

Here's a full list of what this does:
  • Adds Functional Horse A.I from Immersive Horses to Real Horses
  • Uses the realistic horse models and textures from Real Horses
  • Horses will no longer go back to their stables on dismount
  • Horse stats (except horse speed) are what Immersive Horses sets
  • Variable horse speed depending on what file you choose
  • Horses are no longer essential, which was added by Swift Steeds (they can be made essential from the Immersive Horses MCM)
  • ESL flagged ESPs. This won't contribute to your plugin limit.

I'm currently trying to figure out how to edit saddles from Craftable Horse Barding to fit the new horse meshes, I hope this doesn't take too long. Let me know if you'd like to help out!

Make sure this is loaded after Immersive Horses.esp & Swift Steeds Replacer.esp! If it doesn't fully work still, load it after a Bashed Patch.

Side note: If you're like me and you had no idea a SkyHUD patch existed for Immersive Horses, lilybonymace's patches offers a patch for SkyHUD.