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All weddings are moved from Riften to the Temple of the Divines in Solitude. Allows you to invite up to 6 additional guests of your choice.. Jarl Elisif can now be married after you complete the Civil War Quest, defeat the Stormcloaks, and kill Ulfric (the man who murdered her husband!) New Amorous Adventures Patch (see details)

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This mod improves Weddings and makes Elisif a new wife option. Yes you can still marry other people too. 
All weddings are now in Solitude. If you want to get married in Riften, this mod is NOT for you. 
Please post screen shots of your favorite Wedding moments. I've had random guests show up like miners, a daedra, a dog, and a even a ghost.

Now added support for "Skyrim Kiss" to add a kiss at the end of the wedding and via dialog with spouse.

Compatibility Issues

Works with Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace and other Palace mods that don't replace Elisif's bed
Needs a patch for the moved bed in Blue Palace Overhaul 5 (see patch files)
Palace and Castles Enhanced needs a patch (see files section)
Amorous Adventures patch now available (see details below)
Not compatible with other mods that change the vanilla wedding system.
Followers with their own wedding system should be ok

Complete Wedding System Overhaul - In Solitude

I started this mod as a simple "Marry Elisif" option. 

Then I wanted to give her some dialog.

Then I realized she would never re-marry until her husband's killer is brought to justice.

Then I realized that as the Jarl of Solitude, that the Temple of the Divines was the ONLY place she she should get married. Bye bye Riften!

Then I realized that the base Wedding system is lame. A couple people show up, and you don't get to choose who.

Then I wanted to invite guests to the wedding.

Then I realized that I had created a LOT of work for myself :)

I kept at it until I had all of these things working (more or less)

So here you have a mod that replaces the current wedding system with a new one that lets you invite guests. 
The standard system invites 3 random guests for you and 3 for your spouse. That is still true. .
But now, you can invite 6 MORE people of your choice. Just talk to them and invite them to come.

Instructions to get married with an eligible NPC are mostly the same as the Vanilla system with a few changes.

1. Talk to the new NPC Father Tully at the Temple of the Divines in Solitude. He lives and works at the temple but spends mornings at the markets shopping for food and supplies. Father Tully will tell you about marriage in Skyrim. This talk IS REQUIRED BEFORE THE NEXT STEP OF MARRIAGE so don't skip it. You should only need to do this once per game unless you get divorced and reset the marriage quests.

2. Buy an Amulet of Mara. Father Tully sells them for 200. You may find them around Skrim as well.

3. Wear the Amulet of Mara when you talk to the person you want to marry. If they are eligible and if they like you, they will say yes.

4. Invite your guests. Go around and talk to people you want to invite. Remember only 6 people MAX can come when invited. If you invite more than 6, then your guests will be randomly selected from the list of people you invited.  For unknown reasons, some people you invite just don't show up. You can always choose to reload and try again or invite different people. Because it's your wedding some well known guests may show up on their own. They are busy people though, so don't expect them to stay long.

5. Go back to Father Tully and tell him you are ready. He will start setting up the wedding and let you know when things are done. You must wait to get his notice that preparations are complete. This will schedule the wedding to start the next day. Heavily modded games may take longer for this step. Travelling in and out of locations may help.

6. The next'll get notice that wedding guests are arriving. That means the ceremony will start as soon as you go back. You can choose to start any time during that day...simply go back to the Temple of the Divines. As you approach the front of the room the wedding will begin. From this point on, things are pretty much the same as vanilla.

7. If you're getting married to Elisif, she is a unique case. She can't move in with you since she has duties as Jarl. She will return to her Palace and meet you there.  Before you can sleep in her bed, you'll have to talk to her inside her room about getting snuggly before bed. I kept it PG but you know what it's really about.

8. Talk to Elisif on different days. She may have something new to say.

Now you can Marry Elisif the Fair

Let's face it, her husband was murdered and her nation is divided by Civil War. She's having a bad year.

To marry Elisif you need to complete 3 quests.

1. Take her murdered husband's horn to the Talos Shrine (Quest SolitudeFreeform07  Stage 200)
2. Become Thane of Solitude.  (Quest Favor252 Stage 200)
3. Win the Civil War for the Imperials and kill Ulfric Stormcloak (Quest CWSiegeObj  Stage>=9000)

With the man who killed her husband dead, she can finally move on with her life...and marry YOU.

**** Cheat Method - Winning the War for Elisif is the best immersive and story driven option, but if you NEED to skip the war, do the first 2 quests then wear an Amulet if Kynareth when you talk to her.  You can find an amulet by the Temple shrine. After you speak with Elisif and finish her "New Beginning" dialog then she will be available to marry by wearing the Amulet of Mara.  ****

No she can't move to your house.  She has her own Palace after all.
Yes you can sleep in her bed and role play living in the Palace.
No the kids can't move in (Yet...but I may get to that later) I just have them live in Proudspire for now.

Amorous Adventures

AA has a number of quests involving Elisif.  After looking at AA closely I've determined that the best time to marry Elisif is after the "Body Double" quest, which is the final AA content for her. At this point the two of you have grown close and had many experiences together. To propose, put on the ring she gave you OR an amulet of Mara. Either should work. The cheat method will also work, but won't fit the AA story as well. 

The patch fixes the Temple seating for the big scene there, but otherwise doesn't change AA content or story.

The Body Double was causing me headaches...because who are you really married to?  So I added functionality for you to have Elisif send the Body Double home. When you do that, Elisif resumes her normal place on the throne, just like always.  Any time you want, you can then tell Elisif to call her double again, and 'Adventure-mode' Elisif returns to go with you. All of your marriage dialog will follow your Elisif whether she's in Queen mode or Follower mode.

The AA patch will require the latest version of my mod to be compatible (0.97 or  higher). I've tested the patch on both CLEAN AA and Flower Girls AA, both seem to work just fine.

Installation Instructions

If you are planning to marry Elisif, it is easiest to wait until after the Civil War is won for the Imperials before installing. This is not necessary, but gives you a chance to save after the war and before the mod. The cheat is available to skip the war requirement. (less immersive)

If you want to marry someone else using the new Solitude Wedding system, then install anytime. 

Future Plans and Wish List

This is only version 0.97 of this mod so there are a LOT of things I want to improve. Since these things will take a long time, I wanted to get the mod out and in your hands once I got the basic functions working.  I'm counting on you to help me with ideas and bug fixes. 

1. I want to move the adopted kids into the Palace. Maybe with a new room. You'll see a door I put on the 2nd floor of the Palace that I might expand later.

2. I want to add QUESTS given by Elisif. I have a few ideas already.

3. HIGH QUEEN. Yes one of my quest ideas is to work on getting her confirmed as High Queen. Not easy since all of the Vanilla game is built otherwise. But maybe I can do enough to roll play it and call it close enough.

Erotic Sounds (shhh it's a secret)

If you talk to Elisif when she is near her bed, you will get an option for "Snuggle time". When I was making the sound files for Elisif's bedroom snuggle time, a couple of her replies came out more erotic than I thought they would. It's not dirty, just some moaning and heavy breathing, but more erotic than I wanted for a G rating...because I know some parents let their young kids play this game. (I have personally turned off Blood, Gore, and Nudity already for this reason) That's also why  I turned off the 2 sounds files in question. If you want to turn Elisif's Adult Sounds back on, just start your game then hit ~ to get the console and type:

SetStage ElisifAdultSounds 69 

Then hit ~ again to close the console.

Boombabyboom! You're ready for snuggle time :)

FAQ: Snuggle time resets and can be selected again every 20-30 seconds while near the bed.

Required Mods

Fuz Ro D’oh (so you don't miss any silent dialog if I messed up the voice files) 
You'll also need all the standard issue DLCs and major fixes of course

Recommended Mods   (Solitude and Elisif related)

Solitude Temple Frescoes - shown in pictures above. Beautiful paintings behind each shrine.
Ella's Queen Elisif Replacer - A very well done version of Elisif. Great work Ella!
Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace - An amazing overhaul of the Blue Palace and the area behind it. 
Enhanced Solitude SSE - Gives Solitude some fantastic updates
Patches for Solitude and Blue Palace mods - To make my favorite Solitude mods work together
Noble Skyrim - Gives Solitude some nice looking textures that I use here
Rustic Windows - Makes the Solitude windows look great
Open Civil War - Makes the Civil War quest less buggy and more fun
Opulent Outfits - For the improved robes worn by Father Tully
Dear Diary - For the SkyUI interface shown in my Quest Journal picture
Relationship Change Notifications - Displays information about your relationship to NPCs
A Skyrim Kiss - Give your spouse a big kiss and a dance with this and the related Waltz mod  (Added patch for compatibility)

Getting a Divorce  (If you've already gotten married)

If you are playing an existing game where you are already married, and want to try this mod anyway, do so at your own risk. This can possibly screw up your relationships. But then again, divorces are always messy right?

After you are married, go back to Father Tully. He should now have an option to ask for a DIVORCE.  After Tully completes your divorce you can start again by asking him about Mara, then go find another person to marry.

To be able to manually check things using console here is a list of relationship commands.

To Divorce:
player.removefac C6472  
then target spouse and removefromfaction C6472   for them too.
completequest 0007431B
resetquest 74793
resetquest 21382
resetquest 7404E
resetquest 7431B
setstage 74793 10

To make someone eligible to marry select them in console and
addtofaction 19809 1
setrelationshiprank player 3

Wondering what those faction numbers mean?
74793 "RelationshipMarriage"
21382 "RelationshipMarriageFIN"
7404E "RelationshipMarriageWedding"
7431B "RelationshipBreakUp"

That's about it for now. Follow along for updates. Leave comments for what you think. Post screenshots of your wedding. Thanks and  have fun!