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Experimental mod that makes the fast travel check for survival mode update faster. Requires the creation club survival mode.

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Warning: This mod is experimental! I do not know anything about scripting, and the changes I made could likely cause script lag, crashing, or gameplay problems. The default update time for the fast travel check is 5, and this mod changes it to 1. If you want to test it out, back up your save games first! If at any point I discover serious issues with the change, I will remove this mod immediately. In my testing so far, I have no negative side effects- but I also use very few mods. This warning will remain until I understand how the change actually impacts performance. Values higher than 1 could potentially be used, although I suspect they will still let a few errors slip through.

Survival mode problem: No fast travel feature is not consistent and allows you to randomly fast travel still. Most reproducible action is to leave an interior and quickly open up your map. For me, it's about a 50/50 chance if I can fast travel or not when doing that. It's ruins muh immersion when I go to place a map marker while getting ready to walk to the nearest town, and it asks me if I want to fast travel. 

With this mod: Fast travel script updates much faster, and prevents inconsistencies. It seems to now update fast enough that it is impossible to fast travel when leaving an interior. Muh immersion restored. But at what cost?

Anybody who happens to know anything about scripting, let me know how disastrous this change is. Until then, use at your own risk!