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Ever thought the Lunar Weapons at Silent Moons Camp were a bit underwhelming? This mod aims to fix that by buffing the weapons and adding an upgrade system when using the Lunar Forge.

Permissions and credits

This mod aims to improve the Lunar Weapons found at Silent Moons Camp by buffing their damage and enchantments and adding a tier system to those weapons when using the Lunar Forge.

-Increased the base damage values and added new enchantments for all Lunar Weapons:
Lorkhan's Blessing: Reduce target's health by 15/30/50 points. If the target is mer (High Elf, Dark Elf, Wood Elf or Orc), block out their magicka for 3/5/8 seconds.
-Lunar Weapons with various tiers, Puny, Potent and Mighty with increasing damage and enchantment power, can be found at Silent Moons Camp. You will always find one sword, one mace and one war axe, but the tier and material will depend on your level.
Level 1: Puny Iron Weapons;
Level 5: Potent Iron Weapons or Puny Steel Weapons;
Level 10: Mighty Iron Weapons or Potent Steel Weapons;
Level 15: Mighty Steel Weapons;
-Lunar Weapons can be upgraded to the tier above at the Lunar Forge during the night (between 9pm and 5am) using Iron and Moonstone Ingots for Iron Weapons and Steel, Moonstone and Sapphire for Steel Weapons.


Simply download and install with your favourite mod manager, and make sure to load it after any mods that make changes to Silent Moons Camp, if you want this mod's changes to be applied.

Alternatively you can manually install it into your data folder, however that is not recommended.


If you are using a mod manager, download the new file and select "Replace" when prompted to.

If you are downloading it manually, delete the old LunarWeaponsReborn.esp file and install the new one.


I DO NOT recommend installing or uninstalling mods mid-save, but you can remove the patch with your mod manager or by manually removing the file:


I AM NOT responsible by any damage cause to your save by installing or removing mods mid-playthrough. You do so at your own risk.

Thank you for reading until the end, and please consider endorsing this mod if you found it useful.