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Provides a patch so that Zim's mace of molag bal will use GIST's soul enchantment system. The rest of Zim's effects for molag bal are unchanged.

Permissions and credits
The patch adds compatibility between zim's Mace of Molag Bal and GIST's soul trap. It does this by editing one script from Zim's immersive artifacts to include changes from Gist's magicsoultrap script. Source script files are included.

This should work with all of GIST's feature's (game mechanics section in the mcm. OpusGlass' scripts were not touched by me so everything regarding that should work) and even the optional leveling (works for both enchanting/conjuration).

Unfortunately this patch requires the complete edition (ZIA_Complete Pack.esp) plugin but if enough people ask I will add compatibility for the standalone one (ZMB.esp) and the Daedric Pack (ZIA_Daedric Pack.esp). (You can probably do this yourself you just need to add properties to the esp)

If you choose to use gist's leveling, there are two versions, one version is much harder for the mace of molag bal to recharge and the other makes it much easier. The much harder version will make it such that if your enchanting/conjuration level is not able to capture the soul in a soul gem then you also can't refill the mace's enchantment. The easier version makes it that if you don't have the level requirements to capture the soul to a soulgem you can still refill the mace's enchantment.

I am unsure if this can be used on a current save. You can probably get away by cleaning the save file using resaver (I am not responsible if your save gets broken).
Update: So far a user tested that this can work with a save before you get the molag bal's mace from a quest.

Recommended Load Order:
First Gist, then Zim's Immersive artifacts (Loot should do this ... I think), and finally this patch.

Look for more bugs along the way (if any).
See if i can balance the refill on the enchantment.
Check if I can optimize the code more (I might need help on this)

Should be compatible with all mod's that are compatible with GIST.
Will not be compatible if there is a mod that also changes The Mace of Molag Bal's enchantment.
This was made using Zim's Immersive Artifacts version 1.6.x and Gist's version 1.3. If any of these mods update this patch may need updating as well.

Thank you to Zimmermjaz (Zim) for the Zim's Immersive Artifacts mod and helping for a piece of a code.
Thank you to opusGlass for the GIST - Genuinely Intelligent Soul Trap SE mod
Thank you to  VictorF, Maci, Mator on the Modding Tools discord for helping me with papyrus coding practices.
Thank you to wkdknight on Lexy's: Legacy of the Dragonborn discord for testing the mod
Thank you Bethesda for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition.