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A unique armor set crafted from the scales of Alduin himself!
Also available as a 4k replacer for the vanilla Dragonscale Armor texture and mesh.

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"And the Scrolls have foretold of black wings in the cold, That when brothers wage war come unfurled! Alduin, Bane of Kings, ancient shadow unbound, With a hunger to swallow the world!"
―Song of the Dragonborn

There's no better way to celebrate your victory against Alduin than to wear his scales as a trophy!

Standalone Lore version:
Alduin's Scale Armor set is craftable in the forge using the scales of Alduin (requires Dragon Smithing perk).
It is enchantable, temperable and has powerful stats. When worn as a set, it grants a unique armor set bonus perk deserving of the major main quest Boss fight.
  • Armor Rating is similar to Dragon Bone armor but has the weight of the Dragonscale armor.
  • It has a unique armor set bonus that grants you +5% increased critical damage for each of your unused dragon souls when wearing it as a set (4pcs).
  • You can get Alduin's scales after killing him--but apparently he is unlootable--so the scales will be automatically added to your inventory. Kill Alduin, save your game and then reload - it will be added automatically. Just an exact amount of Alduin's scales will be given for crafting and tempering one (1) armor set - so use them wisely.

Replacer version:
  • Will replace the appearance of the vanilla Dragonscale armor
  • Contains only textures and meshes (no esp file)

  • Textures are 4k-2k with an optional 2k diffuse downgrade available
  • BC7 compression format
  • Modified the meshes to achieve a metallic-organic look unlike the vanilla plasticky appearance
  • ESL-flagged

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