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Lowered 1st Person weapons for the XP32 Skeleton.

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Lower 1st Person Weapons for the XP32 Skeleton

This mod lowers your arms in first person mode. Makes weapons less intrusive, especially for dual wielding. Also affects bows and spells.

Based on the Lower 1st Person Weapons - change weapon height - lower weapons Mod by Lazyleader

This is for the XP32 Skeleton (by Groovtama).

3 options: High-Med-Low. See images for an idea of what to expect.
Imagery provided are @ 2560x1440. FOV 80

Lower I  This is the 'highest' setting

Lower II: This is the 'medium' setting

Lower III: This is the lowest weapons placement. It is probably not terribly realistic, but, it is also the least intrusive of the 3 options.  

File consists of one mesh. That is all.
Install file with you Mod Manager, and say yes to overwrite.

You do not need to run FNIS for this file.

If you want to try a different version. You will need to install the new(er) file, then restart the game to see the change.

This file is *only* for the XP32 Skeleton v4.72+ by Groovtama. For the vanilla skeleton, please use Lazyleader file. linked above.

Values above Tier I setting tend to raise weapons high enough to render the whole idea rather pointless.
Values below Tier III setting, will start to drop most weapons almost out of view entirely, with the exception of Longswords hammers, and axes.