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Makes the trees from More Colorful Trees plantable anywhere you want with togglable spells.

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Reforesting Skyrim is a small mod that adds spells to "plant" and place the trees from More Colorful Trees anywhere you want to. 

How it works:
1. Find a shovel, there is one in the little building across from Whiterun Stables
2. Activate the shovel from your miscellaneous menu. 
3. "Craft" the spell for the tree you want to plant
4. Plant your trees via conjuration
5. Access the shovel again in your Misc menu
6. Pick the spell again to remove it from your spell inventory
7. If summoned inside they will become the property of the cell's owner
8. Do not summon them at NPC's or you will end up with floating plants. 
9. ESL flagged  
10. Due to the nature of activators, the trees do not flutter.
11. save BEFORE planting in case you have to revert since the script places two items, one of them is invisible.


Thanks to Kriemen for the initial setup. 
Thanks to kmallon12 for the navemesh collision mesh
Thanks to Arthmoor for helping me
Thanks to DrMonops and BigAndFlabby for the scripts used
Thanks to ShadowShayde for the xEdit scripts to make my life a lot easier
Thanks to the rest of the xEdit Discord for help with scripting and ideas. (I've forgotten somebody, I know) for the palm tree textures

Tools used: 
3 DS Max 
Nif Optimizer
Outfit Studio
Creation kit

You may NOT upload this file to any other site without my permission. You may not use the assets in this mod without my permission. 
Any questions or problems, please contact me in On Discord.