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This mod adds a new bow, and arrows to Shriekwind Bastion modeled after the shape of Tauriel's Bow and arrows from the movie the Hobbit.

Permissions and credits
Tauriels Bow v1.6 SE

Reason for this mod:

Always loved the shape of Tauriel's bow from the movie the hobbit. Sleek, elegant, and unique.
Just wanted that bow in my game so I made a version of it. :)

What does this mod do?:

This adds one Taurels Bow in front of the word wall at the end of Shriekwind Bastion.
The Bow is also craftable, and upgradable if you have the Elven smithing perk.

>>>V1.3 and higher<<<

Adds 100 Tauriels arrows right by the bow

How strong is it?:

Same as Daedric but slightly faster.


Unzip the 7zip file to your Skyrim folder normally found at C:/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skyrim.
Place a checkmark next to the plugin 'Tauriels Bow' at game start.

Or use the mod manager, and skip to the fun.

Known issues:

REPAIRED as of version 1.1

Change log:

1.0 initial release
1.1 fixed bow drop issue. Reworked nif, and textures for less glossy, and more wood like texture. Included a lighter wood texture
in the texture folder.
1.2 Added in missing bow bash sound
1.3 Added Tauriels arrows and quiver and made them craftable.
1.4 Repaired .nif file for bow to fix CTD in menu bug
1.4a Repackaged all files
1.4b Redid rigging, and created new nif
1.5 Started from scratch on the .nif creation to cure CTD, and drop bug issues. Made the bow slightly smaller.
1.6 Re-Rigged Bow for Proper bend during animations

Final thoughts:

I started back to work today from being on lockdown from COVID-19 ehich means I won't have the kind of time I had
to mod for Skyrim. I am sure I'll mod again but may be a while.

Enjoy this bow. Probably one of the most intricate shapes I have ever modeled.

This .nif for the bow has been a bear. Thanks for your patience as I sort this out.