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Adding one Sword of Thranduil to the Midden under the College of Winterhold for the Elven king in us all.

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The Sword of Thranduil v1.2 SSE

Reason for this mod:

Do I really need a reason?
I have fun creating things. I have even more fun using what I made in game.
I also have a love of all things LoTR especially the weapons. Fantasy yet functional.
Thanduil's Swords was one of those designs I could see an Elven king having made for himself.
I am certainly not an Elven king but.....I can play one in Skyrim if I want. :)
I share because I want to. If it makes even one person smile I smile with them.

What does this mod do?:

This mod adds one Sword of Thranduil in the midden under the college of Winterhold. It's stuck through the heart
of some poor skeleton down there.
It's also craftable with the Elven smithing perk, and upgradable.

What version of the game is this for?:

This is for SSE


Unpack the 7z file to your Skyrim folder, and be sure to check mark the mod in the plugins list before you start the game.
Or....use the mod manager (highly recommended).

None without asking me first.
Just ask. I'm a reasonable guy, and can be reached by PM here on the Nexus.


To J.R.R Tolkien for his wonderful books.
For the weapon designers of the Hobbit, and LoTR movies on whom I use for inspiration.
Bethesda for the Whole Elderscrolls series. I got hooked on Morrowind in 2004. Been here ever since.

Change Log:

1.0 Initial release
1.1 Tweaked textures, and normals. Remodeled to add in blade hole that was missing, and clean up vertices.
1.2 Repaired dark spots/ funny lighting on blade (weird normals).

Final thoughts:

So I finally broke down and bought Skyrim SSE. I was hopeful that someone would convert my mods for SSE but no one stepped up
to do so. So I did. Honestly very happy with my heavily modded Oldrim installation but figured it was worth $16 to share what I made
with players of SSE. You're welcome, and enjoy

Special Thanks:

A Special thank you to the makers of NifScan, SSE Nif Optimizer, and someone I remember from Oblivion modding Arthmoor. Thanks for the countless
Contributions to the modding community especially the tutorials for us modders without which I wouldn't be uploading this for SSE.