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Just replaces the game default idle,Check photos get more detail.

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1.91 Style 00-19 Preview

This mod has provide more different style to replace vaniila female stand idle, just try it and I wish you like it. If you like it don't forgot comeback to endorse for support me, Thanks.

OAR updated Description:
The combine oar version are including most of PFI style, you can download it from here, it use different folder name, so you can use with popular oar and extension oar together.

for combine oar, the path is : OpenAnimationReplacer\PrettyFemaleIdles_AIO
for extension and original pfi popular collection oar, the path is :OpenAnimationReplacer\PrettyFemaleIdles,(extension and popular collection share same main folder, but you have no need to worry to replacing each other, becuase they have different sub folder). 

As you see even I install all oar version of pfi, I can still toggle to enable/disable for each one with oar menu.

you can change default priority to any value you want, plz check oar descriptions for more information.

The combine version is easy to setup, all condition you add will affect to all idles.
The separate version (popular/extension) are more flexible to setup for each style package.

you only can choose one style to use at same time, And all the female NPC will also use the idle when they are not thing to do. (if without dar/oar condition setup)

Just execute the file,and replace to skyrim game "data" then it should be work already, NMM Installer pack is friendly and easy to install for mod manager user. (NMM Pack provide by gurgelstock)

You can found the animation file name call (mt_idle.hkx) in path:
X:The Elder Scrolls V>Skyrim>Data>meshes>actors>character>animations>female >"mt_idle.hkx"
Just remove it, now your character should return to default game set.

Recommend Mod:
Pretty Female Idles Extension

Thanks xp32,he is always helpful for me,and thanks waduk,he make a video presentation,that let you easy to choose your favorite idle to use.thanks gurgelstock and grscorpion provide the NMM Installer Pack.

All Armor I Use:
theRoadstrokers Rogue Sorceress Outfit
ME3 Reckoner Knight Armor
Dragons Crown Sorceress Outfit
R18Pn - Leere armor for CBBE v3
R18Pn 08 - Lingerie Set for CBBE or 7BSeveNBase UNP
Neo Oriental Dress
Witch Armourr
Gatti 04 Satsuki Armor Re-Texture
Temptress dress
Airy armor
Seraphim armor
Scarlet Dawn Armor
Hedge Mage Armor
Yukikaze Armor
summer time
fox16:found on google