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Custom FISS profile for Timing is Everything designed to work with Skyrim Revamped

Permissions and credits
Timing is Everything SE - FISS version
FileAccess Interface for Skyrim SE Scripts - FISSES

Highly Recommended:
Skyrim Revamped - Loot and Encounter Zones

I really love making skyrim unleveled but having the dawnguard try to recruit me to kill vampires when I can barely kill a bunch of bandits was just annoying.

I traveled to the quest location for the available quests in Timing is Everything to get an Idea of how hard the boss fights would be with Skyrim Revamped and lowered it by 5 for each encounter.

This usually means you won't see these quests until much later in the game but when they do eventually show up you'll actually be able to pursue them. A lot of you are probably better at the game so these can be lowered further but with this you'll know about what level each quest is.

Actual settings changed:
Dawnguard Recruitment - 18 may not be high enough
Dragonborne - After Alduin's Bane

Daedric Quests  Misc Quests
The Cursed Tribe - 27 The Wolf Queen Awakened - 25
The Break of Dawn - 35      Unfathomable Depths - 33
The Only Cure - 22     Grimsever's Return -31
A Night to Remember - 32  Kill the Giant - 22 default
Diserning the Transmundane - 19      Dungeon Delving - 20 default
The Whispering Door - 20 default      Kill the Vampire - 45
Pieces of the Past - 20 default   Deathbrand - 35
Boethiah's Calling - 30 default   Ebony Warrior - 80 default

Big thanks to
kryptopyrTERENCEYAO, and Nightman0 for their respective mods.