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Gives mountain flowers lore-friendly, less generic names. ESL-flagged.

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This tiny mod renames the Mountain Flower plant, as well as Red Mountain Flower, Blue Mountain FlowerPurple Mountain Flower, and Yellow Mountain Flower.

As an avid alchemist, it always bothered me that three four of the most common alchemical ingredients in Skyrim had such generic, boring names. Surely the skalds and apothecaries of Skyrim would have come up with more evocative names for such ubiquitous flowers!

What this mod changes:

  • Mountain Flower (the plant) to Nordic Wildflower
  • Red Mountain Flower to Ysmir's Flame
  • Blue Mountain Flower to Mara's Eye
  • Purple Mountain Flower to Kyne's Boon
  • Yellow Mountain Flower to Arkay's Beacon


Excerpted from the Traveling Botanist's Pocket Guide to Skyrim, published 120 4E:

"Ysmir's Flame"
Ysmir is one of the many names of the man-turned-Divine better known as Talos, who was also known as the "Red King". Locals believe that the divine flame that once set Tamriel afire still lives in the land of his birth. Alternately known as the "Atmoran Paintbrush", another allusion to the founding emperor of the Septim dynasty.

"Mara's Eye"
Also known as "Our Lady's Eyes" by the devout of Mara, these pretty blue wildflowers are especially common in the Rift. Used extensively in healing potions and poultices for its restorative properties. Also traditionally gifted by young Nords to their lovers embarking on long journeys, with an entreaty to "forget me not", hence the flower's other common name.

"Kyne's Boon"
Wife to Shor and goddess of the open sky, sacred Kyne bestows her boon on those who would brave the vast wilderness of Skyrim. The hunters of this untamed province have long sworn by this striking purple blossom as a remedy for exhaustion and frostbite.

"Arkay's Beacon"
A lesser known variety of Nordic wildflower, these rare yellow blossoms are found only in a small handful of locations.


Mountain Flowers Renamed is compatible with:

Just select the relevant option in the installer.

This should be 100% safe to install and uninstall mid-playthrough.


The menu replacer used in the screenshots is Dear Diary, and the font is the Dumbledor font from Enderal.

Thanks to /u/RandomNerdAlert on Reddit for suggesting the name "Mara's Eye" for the blue flowers!