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Modular FOMOD installer to choose the sound and music events you want to mute/hear in game.

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 Thank you for your support, you are awesome! 

Playing without Music increases immersion a lot, but Skyrim's OST is just too beautiful to remove it entirely from the game. Maybe you like to play with music in Taverns and Towns or while exploring, but dislike combat or Dungeon music? This mod lets you choose to your liking, wether to keep or skip a triggered music type, by simply replacing the vanilla music files with empty sound files. By default, all boxes in the FOMOD are selected (no music at all), so just untick what you want to keep. 

Download and install with your preferred Mod Manager, pick and choose from the FOMOD

Disable and remove the mod with your Mod Manager

Compatible with all mods that don´t alter the vanilla Music files. In case of a conflict, load MTM after the conflicting mods.

This mod is inspired by the former Kill the Orchestra, which is not available on Nexus any longer.


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