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Dungeon mod that adds a small Lair for a Necromancer named Strelekai.

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Welcome to Strelekai's Lair, dare you enter this ancient ruin and reveal the secrets within? Most would turn the other direction at the stench that fills its halls...but you..You just want some loot and to slay some NECROMANCERS!

Strelekai's Lair is my first dungeon, and technically my first mod! ITs a short dungeon meant for early game, levels 1-4, I personally was able to take it on at level 2 with a bit of resistance during fights. 

Withing the dungeon you will find 3 lore books that expand on what could be going on in these ancient ruins after Strelekai and his fellow dark magic enthusiests moved in.

Download the file, unzip it and copy the .esp file into your skyrim data folder!
use Vortex and make it just that much easier :)

While the dungeon is finished, the journey is far from over. "Strelekai's Sanity" Or so the project has been called is underway! A Quest mod is in the works that will bring new more to the table for this dungeon...and several more :)

Thank you everyone who tested this dungeon mod and helped me with cleaning up and further improving the area.
Namely, NormanMailer, Jebbush4prez Oddbook, and cumbrianlad  for giving me problems they found as well as Ideas on how to improve the dungeon outside of  just adjusting it to look clean.