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Fierce Tiger follower to stand by your side in your battles.

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Tiikeli - Simple Tiger Follower

This mod adds a simple but good looking tiger follower to Eldergleam Sanctuary. Talk to Tiikeli and big cat will follow you and help you in combat.

I recommend using follower network with this mod. Tiikeli has a basic follower dialogue and option to carry items, but this will give you more options.
Links to few good ones:
Nethers Follower Framework:
Extensible Follower Framework:
Drop a message if you find bugs or problems.

All changes to Sabre cat animations will affect the tiger too.

Texture and mesh for tiger was only slightly modified by me. Tried to find the original creator.
I believe it is Tumbajamba to oldrim around 2012. I just liked the model and wanted to create my own simple follower using it
Thank you for Testiger for sharing the resources. If you are a modder check out his resource pak:

After beginning my Tiger mod learned about Big Cat Mounts and Followers:
Check it out if you like big Cats. It is impressive and also includes the tiger.