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Binary patch mod to fix issue of floating NPC's caused by hitting the arbitrary limit of 128 hardcoded into the exe. Inspired to implement for VR what was fixed in meh321's Actor Limit Fix mod.

Permissions and credits
This mod is intended for the VR version of Skyrim.

When you have lots of actors on the screen at any one time you run the risk of bumping in to a limit coded in the exe of 128.  Once passed you can start to see strange behavior such as NPC's floating in the air or just otherwise acting weird.

What this mod does is patch two locations in the exe to change 128 into whatever number you give it in the config file.    I default to 4096 but feel free to lower that if you get performance problems.

Since we do not have the .NET framework for the VR version of Skyrim I wrote this as a SKSE plugin based off of the fix meh321 did with his mod.


Latest version of SKSEVR


Install with your favorite mod manager or manually by placing the DLL and INI file in Data/SKSE/Plugins
There is no impact to save games so feel free to install/uninstall when you want to safely.


Open up Data/SKSE/Plugins/IncreaseActorLimit.ini and edit the NumberOfActors parameter to the number you want (Mod Default is 4096).


meh321 for developing the original fix and providing the source of his mod
gruesnack - for asking me to fix this in VR


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