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It is a MOD that imaged a tropical island
I made it so that it could be used as a base for many followers.
48 beds outdoors, 3 non-PC beds at home, 6 for kids
Production facilities are available outside the staff except the Staff Enchanter.

Permissions and credits

I made it with the MOD installed, so the image, texture, and atmosphere may be different.

serenes shoresのMODが好きだったので弄ってましたが、

It is a MOD that imaged a tropical island
I made it so that it could be used as a base for many followers.
I liked the mod of serenes shores so I was playing around with it,
It's going to get hot and I can't change my mind
Then I thought I'd make it from scratch and started producing.
I would be happy if the mod could be used.

I have placed an idle marker so that NPCs and followers can get the idle animation.

 右上から 犬と仲間達、牛の家族

スイッチの配列間違えてました すみません、修正しました。

・蔦の屋根を実装しました 4段目のスイッチ  左から島のベッド、右が木の下のベッドという風になっております
・Hearthfire multiple adoptionsに対応させました
・プランター 15
正常動作しているかわからない魚の孵化場   Ver1.5で廃止

・杖用の付呪器(Staff Enchanter)以外用意しました。(多分)


・NPC can be turned on and off individually with a switch
 With cow family
 ON and OFF support for dogs and friends 
 I enter the ship's bedroom and hide it in the closet where the candles on the left are placed.
 From the upper left
 Guard, bard, merchant
 From the upper right, dogs and friends, a cow family
 It is a switch in the order
 Please turn it on and off when you like

The switch arrangement was written incorrectly I'm sorry, I fixed it.

・Implemented the ivy roof.4th-stage switch The island bed is from the left and the bed under the tree is on the right.
・Added support for Hearthfire multiple adoptions
 At first, it seems that children will warp directly to their homes because they have no means of transportation...
・15 planters
I don't know if the fish hatchery is working   Abolished in Ver1.5
・Automatic desorption of NPC equipment at hot springs (PC not included)

Furniture and craft
・I prepared other than the Staff Enchanter for the cane. (Perhaps)

Bed is
 16 under the tree
 20 on the island
 12 on boat, 3 for NPC only
・1 double bed, 6 children's beds, 3 single beds

 WindStad Manorの魚の孵化場近くにLagoon行きのボートとマップマーカーを設置しました。
(WindStad Manorから移動するとLagoonの天気が雪になりやすいかもしれない。嫌な時はコンソールでFW 81a 快晴になります。)

-After installation
・Once you have installed the mod and started the game, you will automatically get the teleport magic
 You can move to Lagoon by using that magic
 (We have created a spellbook just in case. If you can't remember it automatically, get it in AddItemMenuSE and remember it.)
With Ver1.5
 We have set up a boat and map marker to Lagoon near the fish hatchery at WindStad Manor
 The reaction is bad, but please activate the boat oar and the ship rudder
 (If you move from WindStad Manor, the weather in Lagoon may be snowy easily. When unpleasant, FW 81a will be fine on the console.)


-Appearing NPC
・Argonian man of the barkeeper (merchant)
・Nord man of the bard
・Nord man to patrol
・Family of grazing cattle
・A dog, a rabbit, a chicken, a chick, a chick...
 Implemented NPC ON/OFF function in 1.3

魚の孵化場が最初からフル稼働している気がする・・・今のところ問題もなさそうだし直し方もわからないので、このままの方針   廃止!( ̄^ ̄ゞ
階段の移動がスムーズにいかない   見てると動物は結構スムーズにいく・・・     完了! ( ̄^ ̄ゞ
吟遊詩人がドラムとフルートの演奏モーションを途中で結構やめてしまう         大丈夫です! ( ̄^ ̄ゞ

-Known Issues
I feel that the fish hatchery is in full operation from the beginning...I don't think there will be any problems so far, and I don't know how to fix it, so I will continue to do this.    Abolished! ( ̄^ ̄ゞ
The stairs don't move smoothly. Looking at them, the animals go quite smoothly... Completed! ( ̄^ ̄ゞ
・The bard won't sleep...I don't know at all, so stay forever...
・Sometimes the bard will stop singing. (Once you go to Tamriel and then go back, it may be normal)
The bard often stops playing the drum and flute performances           It's okay! ( ̄^ ̄ゞ
・If you make LOD, other islands will become black and it will not work, so there is no LOD
・Since it does not become seawater, it is a compromise with fresh water



It was thanks to Modders that the MOD was completed by myself, thank you very much.
Also, thanks to Modders who have released FollowerMOD.

・Pheasants Ducks and Chickens- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail oldrim mod)  Created by Mihail Romanov

・Modder's Resource Pack    Created by Oaristys and Tony67

・New Plants    Created by Tamira

・Lolicept Resources   Created by LOLICEPT

・yurufuwa rabbit Created by kanra

・Hoddminir Plants and Trees Created byElinen and Ztree Vurt, SparrowPrince, Ga-Knomboe Boy

・Bethesda CK