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This mod adds medium sized ruined gardens with a small, yet swimmable water basin to Whiterun.

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  • German
Requirements: Skyrim SE, Update, Hearthfires add-on

This mods adds a circular garden space to Whiterun, on the opposite side of town to Jorvaskr. The garden is old and ruined with the exception of some stairs that someone has put in place fairly recently. The garden has a bench under a broken down trellis, a broken old statue and a water basin that you can swim in. There is also a tower top pond and a chair. There is an urn in the gardens that does not belong to you but does not reset either.

This mod probably is not compatible with open cities, because the Tamriel side model of it is different from the Whiterun model. The Tamriel side model is smaller and a little bit squished, because it sits right next to where the siege of Whiterun takes place, should you choose to play that.


-You cannot wade into the tower top pond. This is because of the collision mesh of the tower ruins itself, which does not follow the dip in the object mesh.

-The entrance to the gardens blocks a part of the street. My bad. However, the street there is a dead-end, so I don't actually know if guards would patrol there anyway. I have never seen anyone turn left there, so I simply blocked off the street. If someone still manages to squeeze in there and gets stuck, let me know and I will delete the navmesh on that strip of street entirely. Or put in some stairs and add some navmesh to the stream so npc's can wade through that.

-Version 1.1. has the street unblocked and the gardens pushed back.

The mod should be compatible with anything that does not modify the same space the gardens are in, inside Whiterun World or outside of the gates. Confirmed compatibility with:
-Kato's Whiterun
-JK's Whiterun
-Dawn of Skyrim

Not compatible with:
-Capital Whiterun extension

I love the idea of old, forgotten places with old, forgotten tales. Large portions of Whiterun lie in ruins anyway, so who is to say there weren't gardens there once?  Balgruuf does not have the money to fix things, so no one cares for it any longer. Some citizen has lugged in a chair while another built steps but other than that, no one has made any effort to restore the place. How old is it?  Is it a relatively new addition that just did not stand the test of time or was it built a couple of thousand years ago?  Maybe it is even older, and it was built by the settlers in the Ship Jorvaskr or some of their descendants?  Well, who ever it was, they have been shrouded by the mists of time...