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Attaches the free hand of the werewolf hanging in Gallows Rock.
Adds a tiny little bit more blood as well.

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In the Silver Hand werewolf hunter's hideout of Gallows Rock there is a werewolf that is hanging by one hand in one of the side rooms.

Looking in the Creation Kit there is a second node for the other hand and the script on the werewolf is setup to attach both but its property is not filled.

This mod fixes the issues surrounding why Bethesda left it like this...


Install with mod manager of your choice.
File is ESP-FE

I checked for conflicts with my load order, including USSEP, and there were none. Let me know if you come across anything.

Feel free to look at the changes and use the resources. Visit my Hanged Man Corrected Scripts mod for more info/examples of attaching corpses to dummy nodes. My Corpse Movers mod really shows what can be done by manipulating the dummy node after it's attached.

Mods used in images...
Diverse Werewolves Collection by opusGlass
Tamaska Werewolf by Nyphani
Enhanced Blood Textures by dDefinder