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Enables wearing both hoods and circlets or masks

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Circlets or Masks with all Robes and Hoods
Realistically hoods should be able to fit over circlets or Dragon Priest Masks. This mod enables this.

What this mod does:
-Modifies robes and hoods so they don't occupy the circlet slot, thus allowing another item to occupy that slot (Circlet OR Dragon Priest Mask)

What this mod does NOT do:
-Fix any clipping issues for wearing items together (may come later)
-Modify any circlets or Dragon Priest Masks.
-Allow wearing circlet or masks with Helmets as this would make sense as the design of the helmet doesn't accommodate additional metal items underneath. 
-Allow wearing both Circlets and Dragon Priest Mask simultaneously.

Optional mod support: (separate download in files)
Artifacts of Skyrim
Opulent Outfits All-In-One 
Winter Is Coming (only unarmored variants)

Mods natively having this feature (No patch required)
Immersive Armors

If you have another mod you'd like support for let me know

If you're looking for more of a vanilla patch for only the Archmage's Robes and use Skyrim Special Edition Unofficial Patch, my smaller mod USSEP -Archmage Robes - Mask and Circlet re-enable patch only enables it on the Archmage's Robes as it is in the base game.