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Replaces all spiders & chaurus with wolves & bears. Removes all cobwebs & replaces them with bones. Removes all egg sacs.

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This mod intends to do more than the other arachnophobia mods. This one makes the dungeons more interesting, and keeps the game quality.

It tries to be so good, you'll forget spiders ever existed in Skyrim!

Affects ALL of Skyrim, including Solstheim DLC!

Version 1.0

- Rewrites "Frostbite Spider Venom" book into "Wolves of Skyrim" book
- Changes all spiders in the game into new cave and snow wolves.
- Changes Dwemer robot spiders into deep wolves.
- Replaces all cobwebs, webbed corpses, and egg sacs, with bones.
- Replaces Spider eggs (ingredient), with sapphires.
- Changes Bleak Falls Barrow: Arvel starts out dead, loot the Golden Claw from his corpse.

Update 1.1

- Replaced Chaurus with "Cave Bears" or "Elder Cave Bears"

Update 1.2

- Removed Chaurus egg sacs
- Removed Cave Worms & Purple Light FX to remove traces
- Changed loading screen references to Spiders / Chaurus to instead talk about the Wolves of Skyrim
- Replaced Ash Hoppers with "Ash Wolves"
- Replaces spider / chaurus eggs you might find on shelves, etc. with gems.



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