Skyrim Special Edition
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The Statue of Mara no longer blinks at you every time you start a new game.

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Alternate Start - Live Another Life is an essential mod.
Enhanced Lights and FX is an essential mod.

Unfortunately, these two mods really don't like each other.

The problem is that ELFX  breaks the 4 shadow-casting light limit in the Abandoned Prison cell, and so you have to put up with the Statue of Mara blinking at you every time you start a new game.

Solution: delete the light.

This does of course mean that ELFX is completely disabled for that cell, but frankly it beats having to put up with blinkenlights.

Plus, as a bonus, I can now actually see where I'm going.

This simple patch has been cleaned and ESL-ified, and should be loaded late in the load order.

P.S. Also reported to work with Relighting Skyrim.