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Some small "world interactions" quests might not be repeated after the first occurrence, this allows them to randomly repeat ad lib, just because. ESP-FE

Permissions and credits
  • Accidentally dropped this
  • An enemy's gratitude
  • Apologize or combat
  • Buy Dwarven artifact
  • Can I have that armor?
  • Dangerous Magic
  • Did you find something good?
  • Dragon Attack
  • Drop weapon, Guard extorts
  • Fight over item
  • Gift from a friend
  • Invisible Child
  • Just throw trash
  • Kid Games
  • Magic Student
  • Revenge, Hired Thugs
  • Rummaging through trash
  • Scare my Enemy
  • Shout - Guard says stop
  • Shout - learn about word wall
  • Steal, Thugs hunt player
  • Wizard Duel

So, what's the problem?
These quests are randomly started when their conditions are satisfied and are grouped in Story Manager nodes.
IMHO, if some of the quests in a node are unable to start (eg, because their conditions never come true,) the other ones are run when possible and then put on hold, waiting for the missing ones. If those missing quests never start, the Story Manager waits forever for the completion of the stack.
The tweak removes the "do all before repeating" setting and keeps the randomness.
This works quite well in my game but it goes without saying that who doesn't have the issue doesn't need this.

More info about the quests:

Conflicts with "Haunting and Mourning - SSE", put this one higher in the load order.