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Many requests for release, so here it is. Midsummer is a grass modification for Skyrim Special edition with a focus on shorter, stylized flora and saturated, summertime landscapes.

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  • New grass for each hold (not much variety at this stage, however).
  • Shorter, stylized grass that won't obscure gameplay.
  • Saturated, summertime aesthetic. 

Please note

  • This mod not include landscape textures or snow grass at the moment. I will create a list of the ones I use, but I suggest picking individually from Pfuscher's work and Tamrielic Textures.
  • This mod currently includes GREEN grass for the Reach, the Rift and the Tundra - this is a summer mod, I will look into Autumn variants later.
  • This mod is not very optimized, and will eat your framerate. 
  • This mod was designed for personal use with Rudy ENB / Obsidian Weathers, I can't vouch for how it will look on any other setup.
  • For a better optimized, more well-rounded grass modification, I'd recommend JonnyWang13's Cathedral Landscapes. (don't combine them, i mean as an alternative).

Use these ini grass settings for best results:


This mod wouldn't exist without Mindflux's 'Shortgrass', it's the star of the show. Check out his flickr.


  • Like any other mod. Use a mod manager.
  • Uninstall your current grass mod before installing this one lol.


  • What ENB are you using bruh? The ENB in my video and screenshots is a modified version of Rudy ENB for Obsidian Weathers, my Obsidian Weathers is also modified.
  • What texture is that thing in your video? Almost every single one of my textures is modified in some way, even if it's just a basic HUE/brightness edit. I can provide a more comprehensive list if required.
  • My grass is really bright even in shadow. This is probably because you're using a different ENB, with different settings, or no ENB at all. You can adjust grass brightness with ENB in the 'Grass' settings of your ENB menu. I will create a darker variant if enough people have this problem.