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Remake of the SKSE plugin that enables the individual cooldown for each shout ability.

Permissions and credits
Brief :
Oldrim Individual Shout Cooldowns mod by kassent, this is a remake with updated offsets, compiled against the latest address library so it's version independent. (> 1.5.39)

Description :
As the title suggests. Each shout will have a individually managed cooldown. Allows you to cast multiple shouts one after another and utilize the time.

The difference between this plugin and the exist script mod is this plugin is safe to (un)install as any point as well as not baking the save file.
Otherwise, it does identical things.

Note :
When switch to a shout that is still in cooldown, the shout meter will be shown 100% full - this is not the bug, the meter is full but the recharge time is managed. E.g you may find that 12 seconds after using Clear Skies, then switch to Clear Skies shout, meter is full but it will take only 3 seconds to recharge ( Clear Skies takes 15 seconds to recharge )

Installation :
Install with Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex, or manual download then install with above-said tools.
Manual installation: No, it's 2020.

Permission :

The source code inherits and sustains the MIT License, but the binary upload is not.
Contact me before redistributing on other sites.

Credits :
kassent - orginal Individual Shout Cooldowns mod
Ryan (Fudgyduff) -  CommonLibSSE

Resources :
Source code


简介 :



安装 :
MO2或Vortex。前置SKSE64 + 地址库。