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If you have a favorite weather and lighting combo that you love, but want to utilize the effects of an ENB without changing the original atmosphere, this is the preset for you!

Permissions and credits
In this enb I've enhanced the shadows, enabled special enb effects and dramatized the lighting ever so slightly, so that you can enjoy the original vision of a weather and lighting mod of your choice but with a little bit more next-gen feeling.

Enbseries (.462 or latest version)

1. Go to enbseries website.
2. Scroll down to the list of games, select Skyrim SE. At the bottom of the page, select the latest version; the largest number. 
3. After it has finished downloading, extract the .zip file. 
4. Copy only the d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll files from the download into your Skyrim Special Edition folder.
Usually located at \Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition
5. Download this mod, unzip it and copy all the contents into your Skyrim Special Edition folder.

Enables the use of ENB Lightbulbs
Enhanced shadows
Subsurface Scattering
SS Ambient Occlusion
Fully compatible with night eye effects
ENB rain and water effects
Simple, realistic Depth of Field (changed from intensive bokeh  v1.2)
Extremely performance friendly (New optimizations made in v1.3!)

Mods I made this preset with:
Obsidian Weathers and Seasons
Skyrim Particle Patch
ENB Light
Rudy ENB - More Lights
Realistic Water Two
Lux Orbis

But you can use any weather and lighting mod you want!

Mods used in Screenshots:
Enhanced Blood Textures
Noble Skyrim
Skyland Texture Overhaul
Skyrim 2020 Parallax
Verdant Grass
Wet and Cold
Skyrim Flora Overhaul
Simply Bigger Trees (overwriting SFO pines)
Bent Pines (From SFO Page)
Luxor's Sky HD (only galaxy and aurora textures)
Tempered Skins for Males and Females
Improved Vanilla Facegen + All Vampires with Normal Faces
The Eyes of Beauty
Authentic Eyes
Brows and Beards
Vanilla Makeup HD
Vanilla Warpaint Absolution
High Poly Vanilla Hair
Rustic Clothing
Sforzinda's Recolours
Creatures of Nirn - Alfiq
Fort Dawnguard HD
Northfire's Castle Volkihar
High Poly Project
KrittaKitty Retextures (Cute horses!)
High Poly Head
Expressive Facial Animations
Racial Body Morphs
Main Font Replacement (Centaur)