About this mod

Collection of all my Solstheim overhauls. Includes Raven Rock, Tel Mithryn, Riekling Outposts and clutter, Landscapes, Plants, Furniture, Shrines and Banners.
Comes with a FOMOD and optional LOD files

Permissions and credits

  Special thanks to all my Patrons and supporters, you are awesome!    

Collection of all my Solstheim mods coming with a FOMOD and all options. All these replacers are made to compliment each other
and create consistent visuals throughout Solstheim. It covers most of the Dragonborn DLC
and includes following mods (optional LODs included in the installer)

Rally's Raven Rock  
Rally's Tel Mithryn
Rally's Riekling Outposts
Rally's Solstheim Landscapes (compatible with vanilla and ALL Blended Roads options)
Rally's Solstheim Plants
Rally's Solstheim Scathecraw (5 different colors available)
Rally's Dark Elf Furniture
Rally's Solstheim Shrines

Please check out the amazing Parallax mods made for these landscapes.
check out this addon by Kulharin
and Complex Terrain Parallax Edition by wizkid34
and i highly recommend to check out the High Poly Mushroom Tress and High Poly Tel Mithryn by Janissaries

Install with your preferred Mod Manager or download manually. If you´re using dyndolod and grab my lod files, you need to regenerate your lods.

Uninstall with your mod manager

This overhaul should be compatible with everything. In case of a conflict, just overwrite when prompted. 

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