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The Norse god of thunder, Thor!

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This is Thor, known by the ancient Nords, aka Norse, as God of thunder! He, just like Odin is back, to destroy the evil together with the dragonborn once and for all. Ragnarok has begun, caused by the evil dragon, corrupt evil rulers, mad warlocks, bloodthirsty demons and vampires and everything else of evil madness. Thor is now in Skyrim to lend you a helping hand to destroy this evil dragon and everything else corrupt and evil. He will smash evil with his powerful warhammer mjolnir. While they at the same time get electrocuted by bolts.

  • Name: Thor
  • Weight: 100
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Race: Nord
  • Armor: Draugr
  • Weapons: Steel Hammer (Shock)
  • Spells: Electricity, bolts and thunder¬†
  • Location: Whiterun, Dragonsreach
  • Essential: YES
  • Marriageable: Naturally

Credits and content

Apachii Sky Hair
Vibrant Eyes
Hvergelmir's Brows