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Adds a small Forsworn Hideout/possible Playerhome to the city of Markarth, located behind one of Markarths Waterfalls.

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the  Forgotten Grotto
Markarth Playerhome/Forsworn Hideout behind a Waterfall

Adds a small Forsworn Hideout/possible Playerhome to the city of Markarth, located behind one of Markarths Waterfalls.
You can jump out of.

This mod adds 2 dwemer pipe endcaps to the city of Markarth itself.
One of which can be opened with a key found in the small Grotto itself. Its located to the right of markarths main entrance
(the second is just so the other one doesnt feel too out of place)

On a regular playthru you may have to be lucky to find the initial entrance!
(a broken pipe, very early into Markarths "Excavation Site")
You´ll be greeted by a forsworn couple upon entering.

This mod should be compadible with anything, is standalone and uses skyrim assets only.
If youre having Markarth Overhauls i still highly doubt they will interfere with the 2 Pipe ends
(i dont have any markarth related mods installed)
If issues arise feel free to share them in the comments.

the grotto comes with:
all nessesary crafting tools
(minus smelter and forge which are right outside anyway, aswell as no armor/weapon display)
all no reset containers in an all in all no reset zone, 2 sleeping options, a cooking pot and is nav meshed in the living area.
also the waterfall lightsource is daytime sensitive.
has some flowers and decoration in it too :)

notable Issue:

1.Entrance is clipping with additions by JK´s city overhaul for markarth (will be adressed in future update)
2.Crawling  thru the pipe will say "open": (not crawl ;/ ) and sound like a door.
idk how to change that.
in practice you will enter thru the Pipe Cap later anyway and propably use the third way to exit the cave. (its exit only ;P)
(note: you can skillfully throw the forsworn couple out of the cave on the left side of the waterfall if you dont want to dump them somewhere in the cave)

Feel free to add to the mod, reupload it to the nexus, hell, even make money off of it if youre a capitalist pig :D idc
If you liked the mod feel free to endorse, write a comment and/or upload a picture if you see fit. 

will expand on adding waterfall caves maybe combined with the pipecap idea (since i wanted my cave someone else and more fancy interior but got carried away by lore, will propably do a rich thiefs hideout)